The Big Explosion spelled the end of the EPF. The damage was so bad the EPF was still becoming the SFCP during the Happy Holidays Celebration. This is the worst & saddest disaster ever since the popcorn bomb and the Battle of Doom. They have to close Field-Ops and System Defender due to the damage. They also moved PSA missions to the Ski Lodge. It happened on December 14th, 2013. The Travel Lounge was finally complete on January 9, 2014. The logo is the Everyday Phoning Facility logo broke in two pieces. THe damage was so severe to the Everday Phoning Facility that the Ski Village remodeling was delayed to once the repairs were complete. It was an important event written in the 2013-2014 Yearbook.



  • As of December 26th,2013, most of the fire was cooled off. Players who are firefighters or Construction Workers can enter and help the EPF fix the damage.
  • The EPF command room was closed because of the damage by Protobot. The EPF spyphone broked in Mission 14.
  • Until December 26th, there was a HUGE fire in the Everyday Phoning Facility. The phone was placed in the CP Museum to remember those who died that day.
  • During the Happy Holidays Celebration, the EPF outside was made into a travel lounge but in the inside is the EPF with most of the fire cooled off.
  • The Ski Village was updated in New Year Party 2014. The Everyday Phoning Facility was made into a travel lounge with SFCP under construction and stayed like that till it was complete. Tour Guides moved to the Snow Forts and were replaced with an injury hospital for penguins hurt in the explosion. There was a box with lost belongings to be claimed and a path leading to the Community Centre.
  • Jet Pack Guy lost his Jet Pack, and he claimed it in the lost belongings box.