Snowmotion 360 is an expert's hacking system. It can only be played by experts on it. It also has a yellow propeller hat. Also, coming from this wiki, it has upgraded when it was posted on this wiki and now has available Puck Codes that when you type one, it will give you certain items/25000 coins if the code does not exist.


  1. Go to Snowmotion (server) (you are already there since you've started)
  2. Get bait items (!bait (ID) (will give you an item that is not bait when a non-bait item ID is typed down)
  3. Convert buddies into money (!convert (number of buddies))
  4. Edit your days old (!daysold (days old))
  5. Use a different penguin pose for your player card (!edit)
  6. Use Old Blue (!oldblue)
  7. Add all rare items to your inventory (!rareitems)
  8. Turn into a moderator (!mod)
  9. Turn into a mascot (!mascot (mascot name/initials))
  10. Make clones or bots (!bot (name of bot))
  11. Make your own clothing items (!makeitem) (will redirect you to Item Maker)
  12. Color the current puffles and rename (!editpuffles) (will redirect you to Puffle Maker)
  13. Rename your penguin (!rename (new name))
  14. Get a yellow propeller hat (!snowmotion360)
  15. Get Shadow cards for Card-Jitsu (!shadowcards)
  16. Make your own game (!makegame) (will redirect you to Game Maker (not to be confused with the game making program)
  17. Do special dances without wearing the item by clicking on your penguin and clicking on the dancing penguin button (you have to type an item ID that has a special dance to do so)
  18. Edit the Remove items into different items and wear them (!removeitemedit)
  19. Make new item categories (!makecategory)
  20. Hack other penguins without figuring out their passwords or using a Password Finder by clicking on them and clicking on the H button (H stands for Hack)
  21. Type down a puck code (an example is 60127) to unlock certain items or get 25000 coins (!puckcode (puck code))
  22. Turn gold (sunglow) and get Sunglow Puffle (!sunglow)
  23. Lock your .swf to prevent penguins from cloning you (!lockswf) (the opposite is !unlockswf)
  24. Clone other penguins that don't have a locked .swf (!clone (penguin's name)
  25. Become invisible (!invisible)
  26. Get a giveaway such as a background or item (!giveaway) (will redirect you to the Item Maker if you press "Yes" in the question "Make new item/background?")
  27. Unban yourself (!unbanself) (done in the logs)
  28. Ban moderators or anyone else (!ban (penguin name or ID) (to ban yourself, !banself is done in the logs)
  29. Change your penguin's size (!psize (size; 50 is normal)
  30. Create new colors and wear them (!newcolors) (redirects you to Item Maker)