Phineas and Ferb Takeover

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Club Penguin Island

The Phineas and Ferb Takeover was a party in Club Penguin. It lasted from April 8 2023 to May 2 2023. It celebrated Phineas's and Ferb's arrival on vacation, however Doofenzmirtz (Dr. Herbert) wants to stop this. You could dress up as your favorite characters. The Coffee Shop was Phineas's house and The Dojo was Herbert's tower. 


  • Herbert has made an apperance in the party before this.
  • Dr. Herbert is a new version of Dr. Doofenzmitz. This is similar to Darth Herbert from The Star Wars Takeover.
  • For a while the logo was thought to be a letter from Herbert that read: Dear Penguins, Get ready for Doofenzmirtz! -Herbert P. Bear. P.S: Dont invite Phineas!