Fast Facts about Penguin Olymipics 2012

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Olympic Poncho

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Non-mems: Ceremony Area, Hockey Arena Members: Gym


Club Penguin Island, London, UK

Penguin Olympics 2012 is a party that will start from July 27th to Augest 26th


  • Orangebird763 (740 points) is currently in gold medal position with Sir Jjoeyxx (680 points) in silver position and bronze for Aparnaa (480 points). All could change though after the first event, the edit race!
  • Snow Forts was made to look like London with the clock tower as Big Ben and the forts as London/Tower Bridge above the river Thames. The Stadium was made like the Olympic Stadium in London.
  • Members could access the gym room with five new games based on sports.
  • Even though PixelBirdTrick is not in the olympics, he is the host. He is also running with the Olympic Flame. The torch relay lasts for 6 days before the event.
  • At the end of the closing ceremony a HUGE TROPHY will be given to the user with the most badge points on the leaderboard, currently this is Orangebird763.
  • Other notable users taking part are Pinga Bird (90 points).


There was flags of countries in places all over the island. Here is a list:

  • Japan, Ski Hill - white background with red circle in center.
  • China, Ski Hill - red background with yellow star in top-left corner and four tiny yellow starts to the bottom-right of it.
  • Australia, Town - dark blue background with Union Flag in top-left corner, big white star below it and five more smaller stars in a constellation beside it.
  • Canada, Town - vertical red stripes on left and right with white stripe and maple leaf on top in center.
  • USA, Town - thirteen red and white stripes representing the founding colonies, dark blue in the top left corner and fifty white stars representing states.
  • Jamaica, Snow Forts - yellow cross with two green and two black triangles behind.
  • South Africa, Snow Forts - LOOK AT THE PICTURE PLEASE! It's too hard to explain!
  • Finally, the host country, UK, Snow Forts - Union Flag/Jack, white background with red center cross (England), eight blue triangles in the corners (Scotland) and a red x different to the main center cross (Northern Ireland).