Narvy The Gadget Guy is Gary's older brother. He was born on January 12th, 1980. He made bigger inventions and put a 4000 at the end. His color is Deep Purple. An example of an invention is called the Cheese 4000, just giant plain cheese with 400 wro

Narvy (without paint net)

te on it (not 4000 because he ran out of ink). He also thought that some of them are his failed designs like the thingamanaj . He has a gold puffle named Invert. As a kid, he tried to always cheer up young Larry when Gary and Aunt Arctic teased him.


  • He was seen in a Level 10 Snow Power Card.
  • He is the founder of SFCP.
  • His first song is called "Machine Problems".
  • He created a fruit called a Banapple.
  • He was an EPF & PSA agent.
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