King Billybob I was the first ever king of Club Penguin after a vote to have either a monarchy or democracy. Monarchy won with 189,064 votes and Democracy lost with only 78,434 votes. Another vote then took place on who the king should be. Results are below. King Billybob was chosen over 6 other candidates and he took the throne in the newly-built Ice Castle on the Tallest Mountain

Results for election vote

During the election for the new king/queen there was 7 candidates:


Wanting to destroy parties as long as he gets it or he will destroy all! If the ice castle has central heating.


Wanting to go higher than Billybob for once.


Wanting to build Cream Soda Factory.

Billybob (Winner)

He's co-founder.

Aunt Arctic

Wanting to extend her career as editor.


Wanting to become not only king of elements but of CP!

Captain Green

Wanting to teleport CP to space and live there!

1st: Billybob

2nd: Happy77

3rd: Aunt Arctic

Results of the vote.