Club Penguin Charger is a hacking system created by Walden0872. It was disabled in September 2011 since Club Penguin released a patch, but it was reenabled in May 2012. The latest generation of CPC is, released on March 16, 2016.


  • Get Bait Items
  • Ban Moderators
  • Go Back In Time
  • Revert Rooms To Earlier Times
  • Get Rare Items
  • Get Instant Coins
  • Get Instant Stamps
  • Change The Puck Size
  • Change Your Penguin Size
  • Color Or Change Your Penguin Name
  • Unban Penguins
  • Walk On Walls
  • Become A Moderator
  • Say Numbers & Periods
  • Turn Your Penguin Color To Rainbow, Plaid, etc.
  • Get A Free Membership, Stay Member Forever
  • Repeat Speech Automaticly (Max Lines 2)
  • Get Instant EPF Badges
  • Load SWF
  • Get Rainbow Puffle
  • Get Instant Pins
  • Change All Penguin Names To The Same Thing
  • Go To Penguin Chat 3 Rooms
  • Create Emotes
  • Create Penguin Colors and Puffles like Power Green Puffle and Icy Blue.
  • Get an Orange Propeller Hat
  • Get Instant Puffles
  • Play Mini-games Instantly
  • Go to the Hacker's Room, Mod-Free Lounge, and Arcade. (All rooms are made with MS Paint)
  • Become characters that are not in Club Penguin. (ex. Become Blue Bird from Angry Birds.)
  • Obtain Intricto Fasonaerie.
  • Look like a mascot. (Rockhopper, Herbert, etc.)