The Blue Hard Hat. Note that it has a similiar color to Aqua.

Blue Hard Hat is a hard hat in Club Penguin. After 2013, whoever met a mascot would claim their background and this item. Different than the other hard hats, this one can dig even if you're wearing a puffle but you can't find coins. If you are walking the Elite Puffle, you can dig up coins.


  • The people who got it earlier than 2014 will claim a 72 hour ban.
  • One of the random penguins you can meet in Penguinapolis gives you this item.
  • However, if you dance with this item and a pnik/orange puffle your penguin becomes Mustard Yellow and the puffle gets bigger. This is not fixed.
  • There was a glitch that if you were dancing with your blue puffle you could still find coins. This is fixed on 19/10/2014.
  • After 3 days of the item release to public it suddenly went to the Awards category in your player card. If you wore the item you would get a 24 hour ban. If you contact to Club Penguin, they will unban you and give 750 coins for the unfair ban.


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